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The Cornfed Cookbook

To celebrate the release of my newest novel, "Cornfed," here is a free cookbook in .pdf format for you to download and enjoy! It holds a selection of authentic Amish recipes mentioned in the novel. You can find "Cornfed" at Get your copy today!

Weird And Loving It

Being a shapeshifter is odd enough, but when your animal form is so weird that your dates run screaming for the hills, you’re in trouble. But just when Claude’s latest date cancels on him and he thinks his life can’t get any worse, he meets Jim, another shapeshifter whose weirdness factor rivals, and may even outdo, Claude’s.

Highland Fling

Kevin Millhouse is excited to be attending his first, authentic Highland Games at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina, and refuses to allow setbacks like an unreliable car and lack of underwear under his kilt to put a damper on his day. When he meets Angus MacDougall, a competitor in the games, Kevin’s day takes a decided turn for the better and his lack of underwear turns out to be blessing in disguise

Hitting The Showers

After a hot and sweaty baseball game, a couple of players hit the locker room but find more than soap and water in the showers.

Caffeine for a Marine

F.B. is an ex-Marine who agrees to a date at Starbucks. Little does he know that he’ll be getting a lot more than a caffeine-rush with his coffee!

Interview With a Gofer

Think you know the true story of Dracula? This interview with his servant, Renfield, should set you straight – no pun intended – on a few of the more sordid details of the Count’s life and his relationship with his hapless manservant


Sometimes unexpected birthday gifts are the sweetest...


Rick has endured the semester from hell, browbeaten by a professor who seems bent on making Rick's life miserable. Just when the end of the term approaches and Rick thinks he see the light at the end of the tunnel, the professor orders him to stay after class for a private conference.


Piers has a rather unique problem. First of all, he's a dragon. Secondly, he's both lonely and horny. Enter the Lady of the Lake, who magicks Piers into human form. Can a dragon in disguise find happiness with a Knight of the Round Table who's two bricks shy of a full load? Find out in the humorous little tale, inspired by prompts given the author by readers!

Storming Out

Brody’s put in a long day riding fence, and now all he wants to do is kick back and relax at the bunkhouse with his buddies. But when Will, his lifelong friend, embarrasses him, he ignites the short fuse of Brody’s temper, sending Brody hiking up the mountain in the midst of
a terrible storm

When Will arrives to bring Brody back to the bunkhouse, the two men discover an attraction that they thought they’d left behind years ago. Lightning isn’t the only thing heating up the ozone in this sizzling little tale.

Spring Fling

Everyone is entitled to a vacation - even vampires. How does a toothy Immortal with a taste for royalty spend his? In a well known theme park, of course!


Rain, a young man looking for a little excitement, and a horny tattoo artist with time on his hands and sex on his mind combine to sizzle in this steamy little

Odds Are

A city boy, a gambler by trade, is thrown into the wilderness by a stagecoach accident. Lost, he's rescued by a hero who is very different from himself. Similarities soon overcome the differences of culture and language, as the two men find pleasure in a wild, untamed land.

The Christmas Club

Six old friends gather for a unique and naughty holiday tradition


Will is a nice guy, an accountant by trade, who's tired of being a nice guy. He's out to discover his dangerous side, one that had been repressed by a strict upbringing. He finds the method for discovery in the Internet by subscribing to a cyber-dating service. Making a date, he dons black leather, mounts his new Harley and rides off to meet his date.

Complicating matters is the fact that during full moons, Will tends to sprout fangs and a tail. Making matters worse, his date, Damien, happens to be a full-fledged vampire who's used to being the top in everything from sex to the food chain.

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